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Search Training

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Fireground search remember the basics find and control the fire and search for any victims. The only way to develop the skills is to practice them under realistic conditions. We’ve got a few spots left in October. Attend some realistic fireground training at the beginning of the month, and the haunted house at the end […]

Firefighter Survival Gear – What Do You Carry?

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Constant training is required to remain proficient at any job – firefighting is no different. The excuse that “we don’t need to train – we do it every day” is nothing more than an excuse. Most of the busiest fire companies train on a continuous basis – staying prepared and keeping up with the latest […]

Training…A State of Mind, and More!

There is no reason for individuals to get excited about their next training session if you, the person giving it, are not excited about it.

The Two Sides of Firefighter Training

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There’s been a number of discussions lately that imply that our training may be what’s getting us into more and more trouble on the fireground. Here’s a few thoughts to consider… We’ve been involved in firefighter survival and rapid intervention team training for a while now, in addition to basic engine and truck company training, […]

Managing YOUR Mayday

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MAYDAY! Sooner or later it just might happen to you. The big question is – are you prepared to deal with it? Consider the following scenario – upon arrival you encounter heavy smoke in a two-story double residence. The company you’re with is assigned to search and rescue, the first due engine is in the […]

The Second Line…

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The question for most officers is “which” handline should we pull? For some companies, the question seems to be “whose” handline should we pull?

Engine Company Operations I

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